Dear Traveler,


My name is Carlos Quesada. You should have heard of me through a friend or family member. I am glad you are in some way interested on helping me make a dream come true.


Berdejo SunsetBerdejo Sunset

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I left Spain in 1995 to follow my passion for photography and getting a degree on this art a couple of years later. I studied in a small community college outside Detroit, Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, MI. It was in Detroit where I met my wife Sue, my friend and companion of many life adventures. One of our passions was to travel and the seventeen years we spent together we were very fortunate to travel all around the world, including a year long trip around the US, Canada, Spain, North Africa and Europe. Our trips took us from the deep valleys of Africa to the tall peaks of Alaska, from the black beaches of Hawaii to the white beaches of Costa Rica, from the black waters of the Amazon to crystal clear seas of Belize. We had many favorite places from our trips but there was one place that we kept on coming back year after year and would still surprise us year after year, and that is my home country of Spain.


Calcena wallsCalcena walls




For many years my wife and I did bring Americans, friends and family to a very special area of Spain, a hidden jewel for the avid traveler. We always dreamt of one day, when we would retire from the hectic life style we had in America, to be able to spent large periods of time in Berdejo, the small town in the hidden valleys of Spain. This day has come, unfortunately my lovely Sue is not able to follow me this time, the cancer stopped our dream and now I travel alone in search of a new life, a new future.






Last spring I spent six weeks in the company of my brothers and parents in Spain and decided it was time to start the old dream of creating organize small low cost off the beaten path trips to Spain. Not just anywhere in Spain, trips to areas where time has stopped, where you can still see hundreds, thousands of years back, places where its people, traditions, landscapes, seem to be timeless, seem to be frozen in time. Is this something that appeals to you?


If it does, I think I can give you in eight days an experience of a life time. I promise you the opportunity to connect with the culture, with the landscapes, with the tastes of a small piece of the large Spanish culture. This will be a trip that will offer as much as you give, a trip where your interest and your participation will feed your surroundings and will give you something you will carry with you forever. Like my wife and I always said, they can take all our possessions from us but they will never take the memories of our trips together, our most valued possession!

I invite you to be part of my adventure. If you are interested contact me at [email protected], I am looking forward to a real life adventure together.

Carlos Quesada


Eight Days, Seven Nights – All Included except your flight to Spain – 1,000 Euros, that includes:

-          All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

-          All accommodations in Rural Houses, Bed and Breakfast and Hostels

-          All transportation

-          All guide services

-          All unpredictable amazing moments off the beaten path!!!

Where to? Off the beaten path really means off the beaten path!!!